Top 10 Best Garden Hoses in 2018 Reviews

Everyone loves a luxuriant and pretty garden. It adds aesthetic allure and also helps bring down the monthly grocery bill. However, lots of high quality tools are required to create and maintain a beautiful garden. However, it is quite difficult to create a tremendous looking garden and to maintain it that way. Arguably, a garden hose is an indispensable gardening equipment out there. As a garden flourishes on the constant supply of water, you need garden hoses to keep your garden lush green.

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So without further ado let us look at the top 10 garden hoses for the year 2018:

10. Forever Steel Hose 50′ 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose:

 Forever Steel Hose 50' 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose

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As the name suggests this garden hose prides itself on its durability. The hose contains nickel and chromium which makes it immune to corrosion. The length of the hose is 50 feet while its diameter is that of 5/8 inch (16mm). It boasts of an ‘Advanced Flex Ridge Design’ which ensures flexibility and uninterrupted performance. This garden hose will never tangle or kink. The hose also has a solid metal exterior and will never puncture. It can go around sharp edges with no problem at all. The strong metal outer layer ensures an uninterrupted and steady source of high pressure water output. The hose is also resistant to UV rays. It weighs 5.29 lbs which is quite light for a steel hose. Choosing this hose ensures that you will not need another one for the foreseeable future.

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Special Features:

  • Durability; immune to corrosion
  • Advanced Flex Ridge Design; tangle free and kink free
  • Solid metal exterior; will never puncture
  • UV resistant; unaffected by radiation

9. Lailieu Garden Hose:

 Garden Hose 75FT Expandable Water Hoses

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Layered up to the core, the hose is made out of triple latex and can expand to 3 times its real length up to 75 feet. The ‘5000D’ fibre gives it some density that’s much needed in a garden hose. This hose weighs 0.69 lbs. Its flexible latex material ensures gives it a space-efficient design. It will never tangle or kink. It comes along with an aluminium clamp that quashes the possibility of leakage from the point where the hose is connected to the faucet. This hose comes with a free storage bag so to make gardening more convenient.

Special Features:

  • Triple Layer Latex Inner Hose; can expand up to 3 times its length
  • Hardest 5000D Fibre; high density wards off wear and tear
  • Aluminium Clamp; eliminates leakage
  • Storage Bag; free of cost to store the hose

8. LT & PK Expandable Water Hose:

 LT&PK Garden Hose, 50 FT Expandable Water Hose

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This hose is fantastic as it can expand up to three times its initial length from 17 feet to 50 feet. It has a triple latex core with a highly intensive polyester casing on the outside. USA standard solid brass fittings keep the hose in place and facilitate great maneuverability. Its make ensures flexibility thereby, preventing leakages and reducing the possibility of corrosion. The hose comes equipped with a spray muzzle which has 8 watering patterns to best meet customer requirements. The product also comes with a hanging hook to ensure easy accessibility and convenience. The hose weighs 3.04 pounds. On account of its flexible design, its storage is nearly hassle-free.

Special Features:

  • Spray Nozzle; has an amazing variety of 8 spraying patterns
  • Enhanced Flexibility; can expand up to 3 times its original length
  • Solid Brass Fittings; prevents leakages, cracks and corrosion
  • Hanging Hook; ensures accessibility and convenience

7. Teknor Apex NeverKink 8642-100, Garden Hose:

 Teknor Apex NeverKink 8642-100

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This heavy duty hose comes with the guarantee that it will never kink or tangle thereby tackling the biggest consumer grievance associated with garden hoses. It prides itself for its patented reflex mesh technology which makes it kink free. A rigid sleeve ensures there is no possibility of kinking at the faucet either. Its dimensions are that of: 5/8 inch by 100 feet. The product instills customer confidence as it is it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Its ‘MicroShield’ is an anti-microbial protection that guards the hose against mold and mildew which helps maintain the integrity of the hose. The hose weighs 15.33 lbs. It has all weather flexibility till 45° thereby facilitating all-year round usage.

Special Features:

  • Reflex Mesh Technology; patented design that exterminates possibility of kinking
  • Lifetime Guarantee; assures product quality and design integrity
  • Anti-microbial Protection; safeguard against mold and mildew
  • All Weather Flexibility; easier to use in colder conditions

6. Joeys Garden Expandable Garden Hose Set:

 Expandable Garden Hose Set, 50 Feet HEAVY DUTY Extra

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A hose that’s built to last. Superior quality raw materials are used in its manufacture. That’s the main secret behind its durability. The hose can expand up to a length of 50 feet from its original length. Joeys Garden hose comes with a nozzle that offers an astounding 10 different water spraying options to choose from. All-in all, it weighs just 3 lbs making it one of the lightest garden hoses sold in the market. At the same, its ergonomic design ensures ease of use that’s perfectly coupled with comfort. A highly portable and an ultra-durable product, it’s a great option for all those people who love gardening but are constantly on the move.

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Special Features:

  • 10-Way High Quality Nozzle; has an amazing 10 different watering patterns
  • Lightweight; at 3 lbs it is very portable and convenient
  • Ultra Durable; built to last with no corrosion or leakage
  • Expandable; can expand up to 50 feet

5. GrowGreen Heavy Duty 50′ Feet Expandable Hose Set:

 GrowGreen HEAVY DUTY 50' Feet Expandable Hose Set

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The GrowGreen garden hose is packed with features. It can expand from a length of 17 feet to 50 feet. It is made with latex and premium polyester cloth which prevents tangling and kinking. When compared to other garden hoses it weighs just 2.25 lbs which allows for easy handling. Compactly designed, it’s an extremely portable product. Its brass connectors are corrosion resistant and come with the feature of a brass shut-off valve. Another bonus is that this GrowGreen garden hose comes along with a storage sack for practicality reasons.

Special Features:

  • Brass Fittings; has ultra-resistant brass connectors
  • Lightweight; at 2.25 lbs it is very portable and convenient
  • Convenient Shut-Off Valve; comes along with the feature of a shut-off valve
  • Expandable; can expand up to 50 feet

4. GenLed Expandable Garden Hose:

 GenLed Expandable Garden Hose

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One of the most flexible and user-friendly garden hoses available in the market, it expands up to 3 times its original length. The maximum length that it can reach is 50.5ft. It is fitted with a turn on/ turn off valve at the end for convenience purposes only. It’s literally one of the lightest garden hoses as it weighs just less than 1 lbs. The lightweight makes it a highly maneuverable piece of equipment. It has a double layer 100% natural latex core on account of which its corrosion resistant and highly durable. The hose can operate in both low and high temperatures. It operates perfectly between -5C and 98C. Primarily made out of premium quality latex, it’s a tangle-proof, kink proof and leak proof garden hose.

Special Features:

  • 100% Natural Latex Core; making it flexible and very durable.
  • Extremely Lightweight; at 12.6 ounces it weigh less than lbs.
  • On-Off Valve; it is fitted with a turn on/turn off valve at the end.
  • Expandable; can expand up to 50.5 feet.
  • Weather Resistant; can operate in a wide range from -5° to 98°C.

3. Ohuhu 50ft Garden Hose:

 Ohuhu 50ft Garden Hose, ALL NEW 50 Feet Expandable

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The Ohuhu garden hose has the capacity to expand three times its original length from 17 feet to 50 feet. It comes equipped with an 8-mode spray nozzle to meet all the different water patterns that might be needed while gardening. It is easy to handle as it weighs a trivial 1.85 lbs. The brass connectors contribute towards ensuring a leak-proof design. The fact that it’s a double layer latex hose is what really allows it to withstand high amounts of water pressure. High quality latex material that’s used in its make, ensures that the hose is kink free and tangle proof. A fantastic product, it’s worthy of any garden.

Special Features:

  • Double Layer Latex Core; making it flexible, tangle proof and kink proof
  • Brass Connectors; ¾ inch brass fittings exterminate the possibility of leakage
  • 8-mode Spray Nozzle; offers 8 watering patterns to suit gardening requirements
  • Expandable; can expand up to 50 feet
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2. GrowGreen All New 2018 Garden Hose:

 GrowGreen ALL NEW 2018 Garden Hose 50 Feet

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In many ways, this is the complete garden hose. It can expand up to three times its original length from 17 feet to 50 feet. Furthermore, it comes along with a top class spray muzzle which allows the user to choose from 8 different modes to best fulfil their needs. To make it even better GrowGreen throws in a rust resistant shut-off valve. The all brass fittings remove the possibilities of leakages. It weighs 2.5 pounds and is immune from kinks and the risk of tangling. Much of this is because of the top quality latex that’s used in its manufacture. Extremely durable, it’s sure to outlast most of the other garden hoses sold in the market. It can sustain high levels of water pressure with ease and deliver high quality performance at the same time.

Special Features:

  • High Quality Latex and Polyester; enhances durability and keeps it free from kinks
  • Brass Fittings; high quality brass which will not allow any leakages
  • 8-mode Spray Nozzle; offers a wide variety of choices
  • Water Pressure; can sustain an amazing amount of pressure as high as 145PSI/10Bar
  • Rust Free On-Off Valve; makes usage convenient
  • Expandable; can expand up to 50 feet

1. Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose:

Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose - ALL NEW Expandable Water - Best Garden Hoses

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One of the best garden hoses out in the market today, it is packed with lots of features and is made of the best quality materials. The objective being to make it a gardener’s best friend. It can expand to a length of 50 feet from an original length of 17 feet. In addition to which, it weighs just 3.65 lbs. To ensure durability and eliminate the problem of kinks and tangles the double latex inner tube is protected by the extra-flexible 3750D polyester fabric. The hose has ¾ inch brass connectors that reduce the risks that are associated with leakages. The hose can sustain 3-12 BAR water pressure. To top it all, it comes with a zinc alloy spray nozzle that offers 8 unique watering patterns. The nozzle has a rubberized outer coating to allow for a better grip during use. It also boasts of a sturdy on/off valve which makes it easy to use. A free storage bag is literally like the cherry on the icing.

Special Features:

  • Double Latex Inner Tube; keeps it free from kinks and tangles
  • Extra Flexible 3750D Polyester Fabric; protects the inner tube and makes it extremely durable
  • Brass Fittings; high quality ¾ inch brass connectors to eliminate leakages
  • Zinc Alloy 8-mode Spray Nozzle; offers an amazing array of choices
  • Rubberized Outer Coating; allows a good grip
  • Water Pressure; can sustain pressure between 3-12 BAR
  • Rust Free On-Off Valve; makes usage convenient
  • Expandable; can expand up to 50 feet
  • Sturdy On-Off Valve; enhances convenience
  • Storage Bag; Contributes towards storing the hose

The best garden hoses have certain common characteristics. They are all flexible, durable, easy to use and extremely efficient. Gardening, as a hobby, requires a great deal of commitment. If you are serious about gardening, you need to slowly start investing in different sorts of gardening equipment. You’d better purchase a garden hose first because that’s what will keep your garden alive and green.

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